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Belt buckles of history! Part of a Viking era clothing buckle in silver found in Ödeshög, Sweden

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Viking long boat project using A3 paper, paint, sponges and brushes. Lollipop sticks and mark making tools are optional.

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Viking finger ring / 9th-11th century AD.

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He Who Moves Mountains by Rob-Joseph on @DeviantArt

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Great Moravia or Great Moravian Empire,was the first West Slavic state which emerged from "the most powerful tribal area in Central Europe". Its core territories were located on the northern Morava River along the present-day border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exact date of the founding of the Moravian state is controversial, but it is supposed that the state building process was completed in the early 830s under Mojmir I (r. 820s/830s–846), who is the first known Moravian…

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Decorated Viking drinking horn

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Viking age / Silver ring / Uppland. Gemstone ring from Birka. In the Historiska Museet, Stockholm.

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Silver figurine from Uppäkra

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Viking Gold Cross-Stamped Finger Ring- 9th-11th century AD. A penannular flat-section finger ring with coiled ends, three bands of cross punchmarks to the hoop, in vertical and diagonal alignment. - See more at:

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