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The remains of the trelleborg (viking fort) in Slagelse, Denmark.

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" Fazia mtos anos que não me impressionava com uma série a este ponto . Meu tédio e falta de convicção foram duramente abalados quando tive que acordar do meu prórprio torpor e assistir os seis primeiros eps da 1 temp de maneira ininterrupta e com olhos vidrados ( e encantados ) . Sem dúvida , F O R M I D Á V E L . " by P!v ( Vikings , fevereiro , 1 , 2 temp )

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Viking Trelleborg. With increasing christian agression, more and more settlements had to be converted into such heavily guarded Fortresses

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( - ) The Jutland Peninsula showing the historic homeland of the Germanic tribes of Jutes, Angles and Saxons after the Roman departure from Britain in around 500 CE.

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Rune stone, Västra Ledinge, Uppland, Sweden. The inscription says: "Torgärd and Sven, they had this stone raised in memory of Ormer and Ormulv and Fröger. He met his end in the sound of Sila (Selaön island), and the others abroad in Greece. May God help their spirits and souls". Photo taken in 1916

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Vikings season 3 Porunn Cast Promotional Pictures

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Proue décorée d'un drakkar . Viking Ship Museum, Oslo. By Informatique . Licence

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Floki - Vikings - gorgeous leatherwork

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