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Church Wedding Flowers - Easy DIY Flower Tutorials
enorme bouquet de roses, bouquet de mariée

La signification des roses, quelle couleur de roses offrir ?

So, you are going to give flowers to somebody – to your mom for her birthday, to your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day or as bridal shower favors to your girls, and you are puzzling over how to present it. There are so many ways to wrap the bouquet making it super personalized and cool, you...
Cute little path for your garden in the shape of a leaf, easy, & beautiful !
Last week I shared with you 21 homemade Christmas presents to make for teachers and I gather you’ve already made them, like me (*cough, cough*). Here is some inspiration for you and the kids to make for their school friends, Scout and Guide friends, team mates etc. My children usually get given a candy …
The Romance of Fall Floral Centrepiece DIY by Anneli Marinovich (11)

How to create a romantic muted pastel floral centrepiece for autumn entertaining by Anneli Marinovich Photography

Magyar Virágkötők, Virágkereskedők Szakmai Egyesülete - Katalógus - Karácsonyi ajánlat
Beautiful ideas to decorate your home for spring! //

Easter and Spring Decor Ideas

Boho Wonderland - Indoor Plant Ideas That'll Instantly Breathe Life Into Your Home - Photos
Flower packaging on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Assignment for Swedbag was to create packaging for flowers and created a line of four different gift packaging for bouquets and potted plants.
I would think that ribbon detail behind and below the bouquet would be a nice detail.  This one overpowers. Dd
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Learn how to make your own vintage-inspired art like this "Merry" burlap DIY Christmas art! It's simple and quick to create - we'll show you how!

DIY Christmas Art: Merry & Burlap - Crafts Unleashed

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