A fantastic shot...typical Texas scene...I love it!

100 acres in the middle of no where with a barn, log cabin, windmill and a few head of cattle life!

I want to go see this place one day.

Windmill & Wildflowers Northwestern Nebraska-looks just like my grannie's farm :)

holland.... LOVE the pink windmill!!.....♥♥

"Pink wonderland" by Dream Jean, This photo was taken on July 2007 in Yingko Town, Taiwan, TW

Cloud to ground lightning illuminate a windmill in SW Kansas

Cloud to ground lightening illuminate a windmill in SW Kansas - photo by .


This collection of full-sized historic windmills is a beautiful site against a majestic country sky. Photo Courtesy of R.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Windmill - Volendam, The Netherlands I never got to see a windmill close up on my visit to Amsterdam, will make sure I do next time!

Old Windmill Photo Rustic Country Photo Rusty by SSCphotography, $24.50

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