Awww so cute. Wolf pup

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Baby Wolf Howling!

Baby wolf practices howling not a pet but still a cute baby animal


precious moment for a grey wolf mommy and her baby. so sweet // Grey Wolves are endangered. Please DO NOT hunt wolves!

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I'm not going to go on and on about animal rights and what we need to do. The main reason I'm writing this hub is because my little one who is seven has been very worried about animals (especially wolves) becoming "instinked.

Cute Baby Puppies | Baby black wolf. - Save Our Dying Beauty For There Are Not Many Left.

This is a black wolf, wolfs are getting endangered and need our help.

Name: Bramble Pack: ForestPack Rank: Pup Personalities: Adventurous, curious, small, fast Say "I

living- in -the- nature

Image by Rachel Lauren Photography / wolf pup / baby cub / forest woodland creatures / animal

SongKit- Female- 5 moons-Yes, she is a wolf pup, but she was raised by cats. She dosent even know she is a wolf, she thinks she is a cat. Other cats think she is a cat as well, though only SpeckleShade knows she is a wolf pup! She can purr, but could never find a way to seath and unseathed her claws..- No mate, "kits", or crush- she was taken in by SpeckleShade (me)

Lily Bice, Resider of Falling Snow, Broken Howl, Series of the Wolves

Wolf pup on the Move. - Imgur

Wolf pup on the Move.

Thunder~Mother:Mystic~Father: Shadow~Will be pack leader one day~Alpha~Handsome~Strong~ Brave~Protective~Kind~No mate or pups~Charming~

wolf Pups are born with blue eyes which change as the grow older.

Shiver~White female~Alpha~playful~Mother:Grace~ Father:Blaze(real father is Charger) _