the-green-hand: “ Sudden epiphany: THINK OF ALL OF THE WITCHY THINGS YOU CAN HIDE AROUND YULE!!!!!! EXAMPLES, HERE!!!!! Protective ward snowflakes, found at this blog. Garlands with different herbs,...

Rustic Snowflake Ornaments (via Little Things Bring Smiles)These pretty twig snowflakes can be dressed up in the center with buttons or ribbon and make beautiful wall decorations as well as ornaments.

Winter Solstice // Yule //s | Pagan Decorations

PB Inspired Rattan Star Christmas Tree Topper

DEHDRATED ORANGE GARLAND                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Shades Of Yellow Color Names For Your Inspiration

Hang aromatic orange garlands in a window where the light can also shine through~ - Decoration for House

Witch balls have been a part of pagan tradition for many years. Their purpose is to protect the home and its inhabitants from evil and harm. You can hang this lovely ornament in a window, over a doorway, in a bedroom or even outdoors; wherever you feel it would serve its purpose the best. It would look lovely as a Christmas or Yule decoration as well! Measurements: 4 long x 1.5 wide x 4.5 long I have created this one using: Sprigs of Lavender to encourage a calm, peaceful...

New Home Blessing Ornament - Witch Ball - Herbal Blessing - Yule Decor - House Protection Spell - Tree Ornament - Wiccan - Pagan(Diy Art For Bedroom)

Simple step by step on how to dry citrus fruit for Christmas Decorations, potpourri or other uses.

How to Dry Citrus Fruit

How to dry citrus fruits for festive decorations - simple step by step guide so that you avoid them going moldy ideal for a more natural Christmas.

You only need popsicle sticks, rosemary + hot glue to DIY your own fragrant holiday star.

Celebrate Under the Stars With These 20 Celestial Holiday Decorations

Earthly Delights: Nature Inspired Ornaments | Apartment Therapy

Earthly Delights: Nature Inspired Ornaments

I love the idea of natural "ornaments" in the Christmas tree to go with our tradition of a crystal ornament every year!

Perfect etched ornaments in birch

Show off your crafty side… (19 photos)

DIY: Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch. Each year we cut off the end of our real Christmas tree (after New Years typically), and then make an ornament for the next winter season!- Nice idea since hubby instist on having a real tree :)

Make your own Witch Jars for Yule Decoration

Witch Jars for Yule Decoration

Make these Yule decorations with things you already have! I made these gorgeous witch jars with things I already had around my house.

Winter Decorations - Winter Table Ideas & More! -

Winter Decorations - Winter Table Ideas & More

Wrap around cinnamon stick candles for a cheap, easy Christmas decoration cheap christmas gifts, make money for christmas