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Downhill Demesne, Coleraine, Northern Ireland [pic 2]

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Packing for 2 Weeks in Ireland

Packing for Ireland // Nattie on the Road


Írország | Nagy Írországi Körutazás | 11 Napos Körutazás Írországban Dublin Midleton | Utazási Iroda Írország

Fingal’s Cave is located on the uninhabited rock island of Staffa, off the West coast of Scotland. This fascinating cave is formed from hexagon shaped basalt columns. The basalt formed into hexagonal columns when a lava flow cooled in the ocean. The lava flow that created Fingal’s Cave also created the amazing Giant’s Causeway rock formation in Scotland. In Gaelic, Fingal’s Cave is known as Uamh-Binn, meaning “cave of melody”, due to the lovely sounds made by echos of waves crashing inside.

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19 pictures that prove Northern Ireland is the most beautiful place in the world

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