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Mikulas Krampusz
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‘What sort of man reads Playboy?’ ads, 1960s - Retronaut

From likely gay to effusively heterosexual, the invention of the playboy and the changed interpretation of the unmarried man (click thru for analysis)

I will always be your lifesaver. Your sex guru. Always there to give you CPR between those luscious legs.

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David Abbott Sainsbury

Advertising copywriting has always had a place in my heart. At its best it demonstrates the art of economy and eloquence. One of Britain’s most brilliant exponents of this craft is David Abbott, now retired, but in his time was.

What's your favourite David Abbott ad?

Peter Scouter, Paul Brazier, Dave Trott and Russell Ramsey reveal their favourite ads created by David Abbott, one of the founders of AMV BBDO, who passed away last week.