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Fofura não tem limites quando se trata de Park Jimin

All Jimin wants is to have Jungkook's trust and love for him back. But what if Jungkook asked him to be his slave and in return, he'll love the other? Will Jim.

i cannot agree more but whole bangtan hurts me...but i'm fine

Auto-Correction seems to be one of those iOS features that people either love or they hate. When the feature is clicking on all cylinders and working well, it can save a ton of time when it comes to texting,

Everyone needs a Jiminie in their life

Everyone needs a Jiminie in their life

Is that a juice bottle you are holding Kookie? Well sorry but it seems that you need to waste it on Tae cause that boy just got burned!

Meanwhile yoongi is trying to put jimin on top of the tree

Jungkook - that loser would be smirking the second right after he said it, but he's so soft for Jimin, he would probably let him step onto him if that would help Jimin to put on the star tbh