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Inspirational quotes to uplift and encourage christians walking in their faithful journey with Christ
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a sunset with the words today, take a moment to focus on the goodness of god
God is in control
Focus on the goodness of God
a blue background with text that says, a healthy relationship starts with a healthy love
Healthy relationship with you starts with a healthy relationship with Jesus
Encouragement for Christian women
Top 5 Core Exercises In A Chair
It's so important that we listen to our body so we don't injure ourselves when exercising. I love these ab/core exercises. These are a great place to starty. If you want to avoid back pain that plagues so many, make sure to add these exercises in a chair to your weekly routine. Our FREE website has 100's of workout videos for all fitness levels! Give them a try today.
a tree on top of a hill with a quote about life where you feel most defeated, jesus is there
Jesus is there!
Do you believe Jesus is working in your life? I promise you He is, right in the very place where you feel like you are most defeated and you can’t even begin to see a way forward. Christ draws closest to us in our greatest times of need, pain and hurt. He’s not afraid of our darkness or deterred by our struggles and sin. He beckons us with arms open wide so we can lay our burdens down at the Cross and experience the healing gift of His grace, mercy and love 💙
Quotes for Christian women Trust God, Truth, Bible Study
What God Knows About You
Listen to the Truth of God's word above all others 🙏
the words worship is more than an act, its a lifestyle on a blue watercolor background
Worship is a lifestyle
Christian fitness inspiration
a person sitting on top of a rock near the ocean with a handwritten quote
Worry About This – Worry, Prayer and Imagination
the words god created food, god created you eat what god created in it's most natural state
Nutrition Quote
Faithful Workouts is an online Christian fitness and nutrition platform showing women over 40 how to thrive physically and spiritually 🙌🏻
the words make today as beautiful as you can exercise hydrate spend time with god and count your blessing life is meant to be lived with purpose and joy
Choose Joy Quotes
Make today beautiful and choose joy! 🙌🏻
a quote that says, when we choose faith over fear we can trust that everything's going to be okay because no matter what god is on his heavenly throne and still in control
Faith Over Fear Quote
Choose faith over fear trusting God is sitting on His heavenly throne and still in control 🙏🏻
a person standing on top of a mountain with their arms in the air
Every day, count your blessings!
Follow Faithful Workouts for more faith-based healthy living tips and encouragement 🙌🏻
a dandelion with the words, but the lord stood with me and gave me strength
60 Bible Quotes That'll Inspire You At Every Stage in Your Life
a basket filled with firewood sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean
27 Encouraging Bible Verses for Women in Need of Love, Reassurance and Strength