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Step by step painting, Dolphin Joy beginner painting idea, Dolphin jumping into purple pink sunset.
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#longhairtips Unicorn Make-up, pink Hair, lilac hair, candy floss hair, unicorn horn
Halloween Wreaths Are A Thing Now, And They're Creepily Awesome
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((Open RP. Be guy friend/crush. Magic may be involved)) I sigh as I look around my room, drawing without really paying attention. I had colored pencils, pens, markers, crayons, and everything else scattered around my bed, and I had probably made a huge mess on the paper. I hear a knock at the door, and my best friend, Zach, walks in. I smile a little, "Hey" he says, eyeing my mess. "Hey" I reply. He focuses on the sketchpad in my lap, and his eyes widen. "What?" I ask, confusedly looking…
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