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superhero party ideas!  Awesome website!!

Hopefully E wants a batman party Batman Ice Cube Tray. Here’s a fun geek party trick: Freeze tonic water in your Batman Ice Cube Tray. The quinine in tonic water will cause the bats to glow blue under black light.

Johnny Cupcakes The Avengers Crossbones Pin Set

The Avengers Cupcake & Crossbones Pin Set by Johnny Cupcakes

superhero cupcake stand

This Spiderman cupcake stand has a large Spider man on the top of it and is 3 tiers high and holds 24 cupcakes. This Spider-man cupcake stand measures wide and feet high.

superhero pez

A Superhero Party - Birthday party tips by a Professional Party Planner using store-bought party supplies, food to cake to drinks to goody bags.