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an image of a tree with the sun shining through it and in the background there is a quote that reads, nincs hatasoab varazslat, mintt azr
Nincs hatásosabb varázslat
Nincs hatásosabb varázslat - Fényörvény
a man standing on top of a rock with a backpack in his hand and a quote above it
Motivációs idézetek - Idézetek Neked
a black and white photo of a man raising his fist in the air with a quote from bud spencer
Motivációs idézetek - Idézetek Neked
a snail is sitting on top of a glass
Dan Millman idézet
a man walking down the middle of an empty road with a quote above it that reads,
Motivációs idézetek - Idézetek Neked
a black and white photo with a lion's face in the center, surrounded by words
Higgy magadban akkor is, amikor senki sem hisz benned!☝🏽
an image of a path in the middle of a field with words written on it
Higgy az egyetlen indokban… | Napi Boldogság
az egyetlen indok idézet
a man sitting in the cockpit of a plane with a quote above him that reads, ne alomank hvd, hi
Ne álomnak hívd, hívd tervnek!
the words are written in white on a dark background with mountains and sky behind them
7 motiváló idézet 2017-re
Off Média - Stílus - 7 motiváló idézet 2017-re