Károly Ferenczy : Autoportrait

Károly Ferenczy (Hungarian [Impressionism, Realism, Academicism] Self-portrait, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.

Ferenczy, Károly : Red Wall (1910)

The Red Wall IV - Károly FERENCZY - 1910 - Oil on canvas, 91 x 91 cm Private collection / Hungarian painter (b. Wien, d.

Ferenczy, Károly Claude_Monet_In_the_Woods

In the Woods at Giverny: Blanche Hoschedé at Her Easel with Suzanne Hoschedé Reading, Claude Monet (France, France, Paintings, Oil on canvas.

Károly Ferenczy : Le peintre (1903)

Károly Ferenczy : Le peintre (1903)

Ferenczy Károly :

FERENCZY, Károly Triple Portrait (Sister and Brothers) 1911 Oil on canvas, 77 x 104 cm Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest

Károly Ferenczy :  Plakátok előtt (1891)

Ferenczy, Karoly - 1891 Before the Posters (Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest)

Ferenczy Károly : egyik legnagyobb festőnk

radstudies: “ Károly Ferenczy (Hungarian, October - 1903 ” Károly Ferenczy (February 1862 – March was a Hungarian painter and leading member of the Nagybánya artists’ colony.

Ferenczy, Károly :  Sermon on the Mountain (1896)

Károly Ferenczy (Hungarian [Impressionism, Realism, Academicism] Sermon on the Mount, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.

Ferenczy Karoly : Beni and Noemi

Károly Ferenczy (Hungarian [Impressionism, Realism, Academicism] Double Portrait (Béni and Noémi), Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.