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graffiti written on the side of a wall with a hand holding a heart
Firenze insolita. La mia personale esperienza nella città d'arte
a drawing of two people sitting on a bench with wine glasses in the air, and one person standing next to them
a red leaf laying on the ground in front of a white wall with words that read,'hostomuxuak '
Shut up & kiss the floor!!!
a person standing in the middle of a dark tunnel
Ho udito molti anni di parole, e molti anni Dovrebbero portare un mutamento. La palla che lanciai giocando nel parco Non è ancora scesa al suolo Dylan Thomas
a teddy bear sitting on the side of a road holding a sign that says honeyland
a teddy bear hanging from a clothes line with no strings attached to it's sides
Hung out to dry
a woman holding a paintbrush to her mouth with red lipstick on it's lips
Fashion Redress
a white statue sitting in the middle of a room
Clothing Drapes in Sculpture
an old couple walking down the street with a quote about falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special
Elderly couple, Paris
black and white photograph of two people walking down an alley way with fish on the ground