White Ink World Map

White Ink World Map

Pin for Later: These 61 Map Tattoos Will Give You Major Wanderlust White Ink World Map

SILVER PLATED Fake lip ring.Fake lip piercing.Ring. Gold, Silver,Black,Antique Brass Lip Ring Fake Piercing/HIGH quality wire(Non Tarnish).

These fake lip rings are a cool way to enjoy w/o the risk of oral infection. Love the look & her pretty pink lips

The 'O' Earring THPSHOP http://oopsinspired.com/

What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Jewelry

Super airy and delicate ‘O’ shaped earrings made of spun golden wire. On the ear lobe, it gives the appearance of ‘transparency’. A part of La Minimaliste Collection We recommend layering this with either the ‘Bey’ Honeycombs or the Mini ‘Strip’ Earring.


This looks like my cat Serena! If I find one that looks like my other cat (Kiwi), I'm going to do this!

seeing this makes me wonder why i want my lip done lol this looks scary as hell

Getting Your Lip Pierced

Alien with cat leg tattoo by seanfromtexas

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Alien with cat leg tattoo by seanfromtexas

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