“Sacred geometry is associated with the belief that a god or God is the geometer of the world.


- 40 Pictures of Amazing Symmetry in Nature - EnkiVillage


The basis of sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence is reflected in how trees branch, flowers form and ferns unfurl.


How to spot the spiral pattern in sunflowers. Fibonacci in a sunflower. There is a relationship between Fibonacci, Golden Ratio and 'Phyllotaxis' which is the pattern we see in sunflowers.

Spider web

Graphene-coated spiders create carbon nanotube silk strong enough to catch a plane

Az emberi szem közelről

Extreme close-up of the human eye by Suren Manvelyan. "His project, entitled Your beautiful eyes, is currently the most viewed project of all time on Behance with views and is the second most ‘appreciated’ project of all time with likes.