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György Kulcsár
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Terayama Shuji - Tenjo Sajiki 寺山修司 天井桟敷

From a very rare book I have of one of the all time best artists to walk the earth. by astraleyez

Seanna Miriah Rabbit Mask Woman in Chair GRiM 2010

bunny mask/Alice in Wonderland-mind control program by Illuminati, CIA/FBI etc. MIND CONTROL already is the huge prob. in the entertainment industry. NWO-Agenda is spreading but people are sleeping.

Ok, this just creeps me out...

Juha Arvid Helminen unnerves with his Shadow People, a dreamily creepy series of black-on-black photos that evokes The Invisible Man and Silent Hill& Pyramid Head monsters. His black-wrapped subjects are amassing an army to march through your nightmares.