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György Kulcsár

György Kulcsár
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Terayama Shuji - Tenjo Sajiki 寺山修司 天井桟敷

From a very rare book I have of one of the all time best artists to walk the earth. by astraleyez


Darkness rises when silence dies." (Old)Horror movies, blood, gore, make up and coffee addict, pharmacy student(alchemist) and the dabbler of the occult.

Seanna Miriah Rabbit Mask Woman in Chair GRiM 2010

bunny mask/Alice in Wonderland-mind control program by Illuminati, CIA/FBI etc. MIND CONTROL already is the huge prob. in the entertainment industry. NWO-Agenda is spreading but people are sleeping.

Ok, this just creeps me out...

Juha Arvid Helminen unnerves with his Shadow People, a dreamily creepy series of black-on-black photos that evokes The Invisible Man and Silent Hill's Pyramid Head monsters. His black-wrapped subjects are amassing an army to march through your nightmares.