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I tell this to myself every second of my day & I'll keep telling myself this till the second i leave

This scene actually did break my heart. Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley in 13 Reasons Why. Justin 13 Reasons Why, 13 Reasons Why Quotes, 13 Reasons Why Netflix, Thirteen Reasons Why, Welcome To Your Tape, Stranger Things, Alex Standall, Justin Foley, Life Tips

I was literally in tears when his own mother saw her son (Justin) get abused by her fucked up so called boyfriend. I mean why didn't she even comfort him at least for a second just a second to tell him he's not alone and dump her idiotic abusive "boyfriend" ass out the door. So all I could say is I'm speechless by the way she is neglecting her son. And the worst part is people like this exist in this cruel world.