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Cosmica, the Explorer by jgss0109

"The magic blade that opens holes in the invisible borders before her. A prize for the untiring effort of queen Cosmica the Explorer. Cosmica, the Explorer

Celena the shy

Queens’ tapestries from the Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension. Celena the Shy Solaria the Monster Carver Festivia the Fun Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness Skywynne, Queen of Hours Moon.

Crescenta and Dirhhennia

"Seen as fit for the duties of a queen she superseded her older sister. It was how ascended to the throne the princess Crescenta, the Eager" Crescenta, . Crescenta, the Eager

"The most potential powers, Must never be deployed, For no one shall control, Just what shall be destroyed." Meteoritte, the Destroyer, was originally expected to be Meteoritte, the Excelled. Meteo...

"The child abandoned by the heartless mother, assuming her duties much younger than any other." Her name comes from "Luna", Latin word for "moon", and from the Roman equivalent of Selene (the Moon .