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Marcell Farkas
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Urban growth per hour

Estimated urban growth per hour through a combination of natural internal growth and migration in selected world cities. Source: UN World Urbanisation Prospects 2014

Every country that holds a territorial dispute with another country.

The map map above shows all countries (in red) that have territorial disputes with at least one other country. Those in white have no ongoing territorial disputes.

Maps on the Web : Photo

Maps on the Web : Photo

'Africa's ethnic diversity.

Harvard University map of ethnicity in Africa, based on data from a 2001 book edited by anthropologist Marc Leo Felix. You can play around with Harvard's interactive map, overlaying other variables and studies by clicking through on the link

Separatist movements in Africa.More separatist movements maps >>

27 maps that will teach you something new about the world

Daily chart: Syria’s drained population | The Economist

theeconomist: “ Daily Chart: Over the past few summers—when the paths are clear and the seas calm—Syria has churned out high numbers of migrants and refugees.

Migration Routes of Southwestern Asia

Southeast Asian Route: The World’s Congested Human Migration Routes in 5 Maps