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How the fuck is a noseless elderly man leaning over a corpse even remotely homoerotic

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Well probably Demeter has dark skin too, my interpretation personally is that the Greeks saw earth gods as darker skinned, like soil: Persephone (springtime), Gaia (earth itself), and then Demeter, agriculture. Persephone is also closer to her mother, because, well- Demeter was one of zeus's victims, not wives. Oh also Demeter and Hera were both Zeus's sisters. Eyy. But all the gods could change their appearance at will, so...

Actually, in Rick Riordan's guide to the Greek gods, Persephone is described with blonde hair and fair skin like her mother. >>> Sometimes I feel a connection to my aunt Artemis lol. but how weird / cool is this!

Hamilton and Hamilton XD

Hamilton and Hamilton XD

Im laughing so hard!! Too real!

The last one I actually have seen the video and the whole time the guy is insisting that women enjoy cat calling the 2 women are making faces. Yeah ugh America has lost it’s mind

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