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light paths in space. This is nto the combination, but the idea behind it is magic Carlo Bernardini : PERMEABLE SPACES 2002 Plexiglass, optical fibers

Daydream is an audiovisual installation by Nonotak Studio that generates space distortions.

Daydream Light Installation by Nonotak Studio Nonotak Studio imagined for the Festival Insanitus 2013 Kaunas, Lithuania, the audiovisual installation Daydream which seeks to establish a physical.

Kommunikation im Raum - Kunst.  Light art installation

Kommunikation im Raum - Kunst. Light art installation - interesting use of transparent glass panels in the design of an exhibition space art,Art&Design,Craft,Installation Art Conceptual Art Performance Art,

Metro Station of Moscow ★ Skinny Russian ™ Spycatcher Travel and Events

Any wonder my novel "Subway Hitchhikers" runs along surreal lines? Metro Station of Moscow