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moment. by sugarmints on DeviantArt

Most bridges connect river banks, cities, and commutes. This bridge connected me to you. Picture is by sugarmints on DeviantArt

A fantastically pink wetlander type Aequis based on a flamingo for Pitch-Black-Cobra! It occurred to me just now that I've not shown any wetlander type concepts outside of my tumblr. Well, ta-da! Y...

Finished custom Aequis design for She’s a hybrid of temperate islander and tropical terrestrial traits, with osprey and great tailed grackle (female) as color inspiration. I think she turned out pretty neat! Winsor and Newton.

Snowy gryphon by KFCemployee

The griffons of the far north tend to imitate the shapes of the great cats and raptors of the region. Many fear nothing more than the owl headed griffons of the snow capped mountains. They are the Death that comes on silent wings.