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the text is written in different languages on a cell phone, and it appears to be english
UTOLSÓ 2 SOR: Rám nézett a törpe, és nagyot kacagott.
Fotó: Children, Kids, Childhood, Art, Fotografie, Ppt, Miro, Mimi, Cats
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Fotó: Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Pikachu, Origami, Draw, Winnie The Pooh
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an image of two children talking to each other
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a yellow duck sitting on top of a pond next to water lilies and a butterfly
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an illustration of a little boy and his dog in the grass with flowers behind him
children are playing in the grass with a paper boat on their head
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the text is displayed in different languages
the cover of let's play music, with children in different colors on it
Colour Songs Archives - Let's Play Music
Do Re Mi Activities : The Do Re Mi Staircase
three oval labels with the words do, re and mi in black on white background
Chromatic Solfege Handsign Chart (Size 8 1/2 X 11
Chromatic Solfege Handsign Chart by Patti... | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music
a book with an image of children on the front cover and in blue lettering that reads, ritmiks mozzas enkes jatek
Ritmikus mozgás énekes játék (Marci fejlesztő és kreatív oldala)
Ritmikus mozgás énekes játék | Marci fejlesztő és kreatív oldala | Bloglovin'
sheet music with the words paul, a bdvd's sarky on it
an old sheet music page with the words'75 leggetek jok, ha tu
Legyetek jók, ha tudtok... az oratórium műfajáról
Radnóti Ének Óra: Legyetek jók, ha tudtok... az oratórium műfajáról