I laughed way too hard

Me Vs. Life

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Who was?

Art then and now

I see an endless fall into misery and negatives in the second art piece . It had more meaning than the first 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂

have anyone seen this bottle flip reaction yet? http://ift.tt/2gDHYAw

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This guy who wants these other goats to know he seriously cannot believe he is a goat. | 23 Goats Who Cannot Believe They're Really Goats

Goats Love Thrills, And They Don't Care What You Think (GIFs) - Buttermilk the jerkiest goat

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Funny cats – part 224 pics + 10 gifs) Awww… help the kitty up… - Any Other Business Cat

Good stuff....

Good stuff....

Camel, Camels

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