Júlia Feketéné Fintor

Júlia Feketéné Fintor

Júlia Feketéné Fintor
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Великолепный яркий маникюр порадует глаз своим глянцевым синим блеском. Дизайн будет отлично смотреться на ногтях средней длины. Ногти лучше всего ...

A magnificent bright manicure will delight the eye with its glossy blue luster. The design will look great on the nails of medium length. Nails better to c

Tropical Sunset gradient with a palm tree silhouette, nail art by Sassy Shelly #nails #nailart #easynails

Tropical Sunset gradient with a palm tree silhouette, nail art by Sassy Shellly. I'm thinking I could do something like this for Canada. maybe a pine tree and some lighter colors.

Так хочется продлить уходящее лето хоть на день, надышаться его ароматами, задержать в памяти яркие краски. Один из способов сделать ...

August nails, Butterfly nail art, Butterfly nails, Everyday nails, Medium… These are too short for me but i would love this design in a longer length!

Beautiful summer beach nails:

For tropical nails, shades of blue, pink, orange, and green work just perfectly. We have gathered some 50 hot tropical nail art designs.

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This chic manicure in pink color will be liked by everybody by its tenderness and bright pattern. Elegant butterflies literally blast off from white ring f

Neon Orange Ombre Nails

Nail designs are a way to show off our character and to be original. When you see someone with exciting nails, your eyes are instantly drawn to them. Let’s face it, we all w