Quilled treble clef by pinterzsu on deviantART

Music and things made of paper speak to my heart. Quilled treble clef by pinterzsu on deviantART

The water cycle / A víz körforgása

One of our favorite water cycle illustrations, especially for younger students. The image of the sun's rays reaching down to draw up water is a great way to represent evaporation. It highlights the driving force of the sun.

Ocean Art Project for Kids Using Oil Pastels, Watercolor, and Salt ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

You'll never guess how this watercolor background was made!

We used some fun watercolor techniques to make this ocean art project for kids. The finished art is perfect for a summer project or to for an ocean theme!

Bead & Button Seahorse with Watercolors and Oil Pastels. Love this project!

seahorse w/ButtonS- Eric Carle. Watercolor paper, paint, oil pastels, beads and buttons - bboard background

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