People can do this..

People can do this.. - Bundesliga Manager für Fussballfans.

Please note: Women vs. I'm a man and I fully respect women's football/soccer (I'm British) the women can take a real beating and still go on while the men are brushed by the wind and cry!

this is beyond words (GIF) <<< I have no idea where to put this, so it's going to Parkour And Freerunning.

She became a seal

Get your meme on!

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It's A GIF Party, And We're All Invited!

It's A GIF Party, And We're All Invited!

Parenting with style

Parenting with style ( She is uncertain why so many cars crash as male drivers catch sight of her tight thong at maximum spread, this could result in someone becoming dead, so she should use her head and stay doing this move in bed 👍

"It's not even on."

"Is it even on? I'm dying here - it just gets funnier each time :D - electric fence shocker!

2017 Father of the Year nominee

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