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Felvidéki Miklós
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How to pose a portrait: 54 creative ideas

How to pose a portrait: 54 creative id eas

Poses on the ground- awkward posting but who cares haha

Sitting on the Ground Poses

Blickwinkel - Von oben nach unten und umgekehrt ...

Tips: Shoot high and low portraits

Making another sheet of Annie in various poses — Annie Mei Project — action poses

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Photos and videos by KrenzCushart@木-東T37a (@KrenzCushart) | Twitter

This from Anime calls "One punch man" Always using Foreshortening when in awesome fighting with powerful.

¿Quieres aprender a dibujar abdominales? Aquí tienes algo para empezar.

Drawing tips- how to draw abs

Обучаем Рисовать | Teach to Draw

Обучаем Рисовать | Teach to Draw

Anatomy Compilation 1 by KendallHaleArt

Anatomy studies from the past couple of months that I've done in my spare time. Contains nudity, but it is not graphic or erotic.

Rip Kirby, strip du 7 dévrier 1953. Honey Dorian dans toute sa beauté.

Original art by Alex Raymond in category Strips