The Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre in Aviles, Spain

'What attracts me are sensual curves': Superstar architect Oscar Niemeyer whose work was inspired by the female form dies at the age of 104



The future of nature

“In ‘Museum of Nature,’ Finnish artist Ilkka Halso digitally manipulates photographs of archetypal landscapes, transforming them into endangered archipelagos of natural terrain mediated by extensive pieces of infrastructure.

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Students from University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Christian Zwick and Konstantin Jerabek have designed this unique experimental revolving house called Roll I

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Earthbag building is one of the lowest cost and most sustainable building systems in the world. Earthbag building is based on 250 years of military use of.

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Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica -- The project, named Containers of Hope, was designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe and makes use of two shipping containers and plenty of windows.

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Conceptualized by San Francisco-based designer Joanna Borek-Clement, the Sky-Terra skyscrapers is a neuron-like network of interconnected towers, designed to address the ever growing need for green urban space. This structure floats over the.

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Hong Kong-based 10 Design proposes a tornado proof house that sinks into the ground at the first sign of a twister.

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Any body else see this and your first thought is Raccoon City NOT Zombie proof condo?Original post description -"Zombie proof condos sell out
. Trendy flats on offer at Survival Condo — a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas.

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Denmark will build an unprecedented clean rail project, funded by a tax on oil companies.

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Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg to design July 22 Memorial site in Norway Utoya Island

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Így fog kinézni a Moszkva tér

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Így fog kinézni a Belváros jövőre