Flagstone pathway through a wooden gate.going into a backyard flower garden area(gate and lanterns)


Green and white garden. Image from Gardens Illustrated, April Via Thinking Outside the Boxwood.


Spring Tulips and Topiary in a formal garden - Chenies Manor House Buckinghamshire

Bee Cottage Garden

Bee Cottage Garden - love the shape it is taking on. Maybe this would work along the side of our house. - My Cottage Garden

Help color pop in your garden by planting matching blooms in large groups. More ways to add color to your garden:

Master the Art of Using Color in the Garden

Plant En Masse Large groups of a single hue make more of an impact than smaller clusters, so coordinate your plants to create big drifts of color.

Garden with waterfall

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Elaborate Victorian Garden

Top 10 U.S. Gardens for Summer Vacation

Elaborate Victorian Garden Hardscape and intricately designed garden beds mingle at the Kresko Family Victorian Garden, located at Missouri Botanical Garden in St.


London to Brussels. Reminds me of The Queen of Hearts Garden from Alice in Wonderland.

Pureland japanese garden

Japanese gardening is really a cultural type of gardening that's meant to make a scene that imitates character whenever possible by utiliz.

How to Make a Beautiful Garden in home | 21 Articles

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Berlin Botanic Garden

Discover Berlin Botanical Garden in Berlin, Germany: Started as a kitchen garden, now the second largest botanical garden in the world.

Horniman Gardens Sebastian Crump

Studies have shown that people find both traditionally managed and ecologically managed gardens to be aesthetically pleasing--and that neighbors are not judged negatively for letting their gardens look a bit unkempt in the name of wildlife preservation.