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B House | Nhà Bè District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | i.House Architecture and Constructi

House Architecture and Construction in Nhà Bè District, Vietnam with date Images by Le Canh Van, Vu Ngoc Ha. The house is located not too deep in a rather quiet lane on the outskirts of Saigon. Like many houses in Vietnam, it .

Gallery - House W / HPSA - 1

Built by HPSA in Mitterberg, Austria with date Images by Dietmar Hammerschmid. The gently sloped site is located in the municipality of Mitterberg in the Enns Valley, within a small village struct.

Gallery - Rock House / B.U.S Architecture - 8

Revealed Rock As the demand of rural housing grows, more and more people are developing and moving to spectacular mountainous areas. The site on which the rock house was located is also one of the rural housing sites developed in this.