Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida

I want tgis as a tatoo! Beautiful pic from my home town, Palm Beach County, FL. Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida!


One of my favorite photography subjects: anything railroad-related [tracks/rails/train cars/crossing signs]. Another plus to living in Waseca, lots of railroad/train photo opps.

✮ Full Moon Fly by

The full moon signifies a journey in literature. It also represents mystery because strange things always happen on the night of a full moon.

Just when I thought I had seen every beautiful MOON there was to see.....O My L-RD, You are amazing and unsearchable!

The biggest, brightest Moon of the year is almost here. On June a Supermoon will be larger and brighter than a typical Full Moon, and this won't occur again until August, Or it will be overcast and we missed the whole thing!

Készülj a NOV 14.-i Szuper hold-ra

I see an orange moon. I see the moon.the moon sees me.the moon sees somebody I want to see. So, God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the somebody I want to see!