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This Picture is so sad !!!! Not only because the boys are so little here but.... I will never be able to pull off a  flower headband better than Harry

My opinion on.Larry I think that Larry has been blown way out of porportion. I do ship Larry as a bromance but I think its time for people to stop with their theories and realize that Louis is happy with Eleanor<<<<< haha that's a funny joke

Louis Tomlinson >>

Louis Tomlinson >>>> I can't breathe I need help like I'm literally dying>>>I already pinned this but I don't care! It's just too beautiful to handle:)♥️>>>I think im gonna die just from looking at the picture. Hes just so perfect!

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{open rp} Louis) I had a huge smoking addiction. Along with drinking and drugs. I sigh as I take a drag from my cigarette. I see you staring at me. I roll my eyes, "what?" I snap at you.