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The Patina Group has announced the Rockefeller Center 2013 - 2014 ice skating season and pricing today. (Thursday, August 15, 2013.) The ice rink will be open for use beginning Monday, October 14, 2013 and along with ice skating, the group is offering some package deals for customers including... Read more

An iconic location at an iconic location. In addition to the skating rink that plays prominently in Blue Moon, ROCKEFELLER CENTER is also home to the greatest publishing house in the world - SIMON AND SCHUSTER!

Illuminati Obelisk Symbols Of Power Around The World

The Obelisk is typically a huge monolith put up in places to symbolize power or to memorialize events or people. It is believed that Obelisks are Illumina .

Walmart Back to School Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber-Week - Save money while shopping online with coupon and promo codes for thousands of online stores

#avidamakatiwest #condoforrent #studiotype

#avidamakatiwest #condoforrent #studiotype

Secrets of the Anunnaki Aliens

Stone glyphs depicting a story about the Anunnaki (inhabitants of the planet Nibiru) mentioned in ancient Sumerian texts