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Only 3 ingredients! So easy to make... If you like chocolate you will LOVE this recipe

Easy Oreo Truffles 4 oz of low-fat cream cheese package of Oreos ( normal size) + 1 extra for topping 1 package of baking chocolate ( melted)

marshmallow popcorn. Oh. My. Goodness. make this when it snows you have to keep some popcorn, butter, marshmallows on hand. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Marshmallow Popcorn 3 bags microwave popcorn (pop and take out extra kernels) 2 sticks of butter 16 oz bag of marshmallows 1 cup brown sugar

Cut into a festively decorated Triple Chocolate Cupcake to reveal a Christmas tree cheesecake.Each little dessert is festively decorated with a Christmas tree on top too, so they are just as pretty on the outside as they are inside.

Cheesecake Stuffed Christmas Tree Cupcakes - SO cute! I do NOT have time for making cheesecake trees to stuff inside, but this is still a cute way to decorate cupcakes near Christmastime.

Christmas Tree Dress - Karen Elizabeth Bridal Window Display

Christmas Tree Dress - Karen Elizabeth Bridal Window Display Maybe if I have a home-made sewing mannequin by Christmas, I could decorate it like this for the holidays.