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Date with BSD guys--- Just Kidding. Just Random Shenanigans of Dazai Osamu af - My Collections of BSD Visuals

Karma, Korosensei, Nagisa

I love Assassination Classroom. It's not the usual anime that you see. And rather than chosen one, it's a chosen group - bunch of teens too.

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Coz we ship them too much.   Tags: Ankyou Nagisa Karma Ships Anime AnsatsuKyoushitsu

We ship them so much, artists create childhood fics of what could be the start of Carnage Pair child fics - DA

Ichigo with shinigami and Quincy Swords bleach

This is an idea I came up with today at work for a new Bankai form for Ichigo, after returning from the Soul Palace. Ichigo New Bankai Concept