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Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi

Rare+Pictures+of+Behind+the+Scenes+from+Return+Of+The+Jedi Ian McDiarmid in his complete Emperor’s makeup, which covered only the front two-thirds of his head. The cowl always covered the back of his head.

Amazing what effects were created over 35 years ago!

starwars: Phil Tippett of ILM’s miniature and optical effects unit animates a model of Luke riding a Tauntaun.

Photographs showed the famous aircraft next to a huge set which closely resembles the worl...

Pictures from the set of Star Wars: “Episode VIII” (Millennium Falcon at Pinewood Studios)

The Original Trilogy: First Days of Shooting, Part 1

On the set of Star Wars 1977 on location in Tunisia, filming the scene where has a bad motivator