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a handmade christmas card with two snowmen and a gingerbread house in the background
Χριστουγεννιάτικες κάρτες
christmas stickers with animals, trees and numbers on them for the holidays or new year's greetings
How Do It on X
a bunch of small houses with trees on them
Calendrier de l’Avent DIY 2015 – Zü – le Blog
Calendrier de l’Avent DIY 2015 | Zü – le Blog
small wooden houses are lined up with christmas lights
Christmas Advent Paper Houses
Christmas Advent Paper Houses - free tutorial and cutting files // Delia Creates
the free printable calendar for kids to make with their own materials and crafts, including magnets
Christmas Advent Calendar
Free printable Christmas advent calendars.
a christmas card with a snowman and child
Representing leading artists who produce children's and decorative work to commission or license., Advocate-Art
a birthday card with a girl on top of a cake and number twenty four in the background
Flora Waycott
Flora Waycott Design
the number twenty four with birds and flowers around it, surrounded by leaves and berries
❄☃ Seasons ❄☃❄ Winter Wonderland ☃❄ DAY 24 - Happy Christmas Eve! xxx
a white christmas tree with birds hanging from it's sides and the number thirteen
Day 13 - Advent Calendar
Coco Gigi Design: Day 13 - Advent Calendar
a moose wearing a hat and scarf holding a sign with the number fourteen on it
Advent Calendar Day 14, Faye Buckingham — Moyo Directory
two christmas bells hanging from a tree branch with snowflakes on the background and an ornament in the foreground
Advent Challenge 2014 – Day 8 - Rebecca Stoner Surface Pattern Design
Christmas Advent Challenge - Day 8 - Ding Dong by Rebecca Stoner
a drawing of a gingerbread house with the number sixteen on it's front
Christmas Advent Challenge 2014 Archives - Rebecca Stoner Surface Pattern Design
Day 16 - Gingerbread House by Rebecca Stoner
a drawing of a christmas tree with the number one on it's top and bottom
december advent...... - Sally Payne
Here we go again - so as I did it last year, then plan is one a day now till the 24th - keeping it super simple this year!
a penguin holding a number two sign on top of a snow covered hill with stars
Day 2! Christmas advent, Faye Buckingham 2014