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Art by Eve Ventrue Website:

Artwork: death by fantasy artist Eve Ventrue. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.

Ice Road Truckers - Alaska

Picture: Scene from History Channel's 'Ice Road Truckers.' Pic is in a photo gallery for 'Ice Road Truckers' featuring 131 pictures.

National Park Cabin: Esker Stream Cabin, Yakutat, Alaska $25/night 9.6 million acres of wilderness all to yourself.

Where to go when you want to get away from everyone: National Park Cabin Esker Stream Cabin, Yakutat, Alaska

Alaska Range | USA

Mount Saint Elias in background with Hubbard and Logan Glaciers in the foreground Yukon Canada shot from 36000 feet Happened to wake up while flying over this mountain range on a beautifully clear day highest mountain in North America