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an outdoor patio area with table and chairs
Pergolas | Oxford Oak Public Space
an outdoor area with green plants and concrete benches under a pergolated roof, surrounded by greenery
Clark Garden | Ben Scott Garden Design
an outdoor living area with white furniture and trees in the background, including two couches and a coffee table
Fashion Designer Elie Saab Restores an Early-20th-Century Home in Beirut
“The garden and sitting area are separated from the house by layers of different types of trees organically scattered,” says Richani. “It’s shaded by vines and lined with gardenias.” The benches, tables and sofas are the architect’s design |
an outdoor seating area with wicker furniture and greenery on the ground, surrounded by trees
The Long View
a tree that is next to a deck
Insanely Clever Outdoor Seating Ideas — Bees and Roses. Gardening tips and hacks.
a wooden table and bench sitting in the middle of a yard
Outdoor Dining Table and Benches
Customer was looking for a large outdoor dining table and benches for family gatherings. The table is 10 feet long by almost 3 1/2 feet wide. The matching benches are 7 feet long and provide seating for 8. With added chairs on the ends the table will comfortably seat 10 people. For this project we used ipe wood, a very dense Brazilian hardwood that is extremely rot resistant. The finish is simply a coat of oil, which brings out the rich colors of the wood.
a wooden gazebo sitting on top of a lush green field
How To Decorate A Gazebo With Fabric? | Best Gazebos UK
a wooden gazebo sitting in the middle of a garden
Crown Chelsea Luxury Gazebo - Crown Pavilions
a wooden gazebo sitting in the middle of a lush green field with potted plants
Forest HGG4MNECTFIN Timber Gazebo 4260 x 3690 x 3240mm (239JG)
an outdoor gazebo with table and chairs in the middle of it, surrounded by purple flowers
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