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I love the Wings of Fire books! My OC is Illusion, a NightWing|SeaWing princess. Her story takes place 26 years after Book 10. Her mother is Queen Auklet, and her father is Dreamseeker, a NightWing. Her half brothers and sisters consist of Raven, a mind reader, and Darkseer, her half brother. Princess Illusion has plenty of jewelry from Auklet, who is nothing but kind to her only dragonet. She has two horn bands, one necklace, an earring, and two tailbands, all gold. Her special abilities include all SeaWing powers, breathing black fire, dissapearing into dark shadows, and seeing glimpses of important futures. She has a few best friends, River, a light blue male SeaWing, and Downpour, an IceWing|RainWing. Her crush is a SandWing spy she met on the beach. His name is Scorpion, a handsome sandwing animus with emerald green eyes. Of course, Scorpion likes Illusion too. Lately in Pyrrhia one dragon of each Tribe had been killed, one following the other. Blood had been taken from their bodies, but nobody knew why or who did it. Later, Illusion finds out it had been Scorpion. The only answer he had ever said to her questions was, "it was boss's idea." Which didn't help Illusion's curiosity. Apparently "boss" had been Queen Sahara of the SandWings. Scorpion wasn't a spy. He was an assassin. With a dreading feeling, Illusion remembered the news River had told her not to long ago. "He's killed one from every tribe." River had sighed, toying with the wooden seahorse Illusion had made for him. "Except the SeaWings, thank the three moons." Each word finally registered in Illusions mind for the first time. Scorpion had come for a SeaWing, And that unlucky SeaWing, would be her. She immediately hissed a spurt of black fire towards him. Scorpion flinched. Slowly, he raised his talons, and Illusion recoiled, ready to be killed. Rain was pouring down on them, making Illusion shiver with coldness. Instead, Scorpion wrapped his wings around her, and lead her to a nearby dry cave. Illusion was too shocked to protest. He sat beside her, keeping his poisonous tail afar. "You are going to kill me," Illusion whispered quietly, moving away from him. "No." The words were firm, as if he really meant it. "Really." Illusion sniffed. "Then why did you kill the other tribe members then?" His voice spoke quietly, but it echoed through the cave. "Queen Sahara found out I was an animus a while ago. She thought I should be the most powerful animus. So she said 'take blood from all the other tribes, than enchant yourself to have their power.'" He sighed, rubbing his forehead with a talon. "She had spies in each kingdom, so I couldn't fail or else I would be killed." A purr rumbled from Illusions throat. "And the great, almighty animus Scorpion MUSN'T be killed," Scorpion snorted with amusment. "After that, I had to kill one SeaWing, then do the enchantment. I insisted I could be a spy/assassin, and she agreed, because of course, I'm her son." Scorpion almost slapped his poisonous tail over his mouth, then barely stopped himself. Illusion was staring at him in shock. "You're royalty? Like me?" Disbelief rang in her voice.
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ahh, id just like to say i really adore your artstyle and talent and have major respect for you---Damn, I really love your artstyle, it's so cool!I'mma have to request or art trade you A*


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