My favorite HP quote.

Reposted in memory of Severus Snape(Alan Rickman) He died last night and this morning was made official. RIP Alan Rickman we will remember you

Cocina verde y boho

Green and boho kitchen

OUR green "health & family" green & wood feng shui kitchen. Boho Kitchen Bonanza Part DIY tiered copper planter

Moon to Moon

Espejo redondo · Large round mirror above bed Gold framed round mirror above a desk Big round mirror in Bathroom Big round mirror in PInk room .

Bogart Quilted Sofa, Bogart Curve Sofa Chair, Taj Scalloped Metal Coffee Table, Aria Maroc Mirrors, Piper Cushions Aura Bobble Rug Paint: Navy Blue by Haymes Flooring: Godfrey Hirst Accessories: Moss Melbourne, Norsu

Example of Dark blue PLUS Velvet blue . How stunning does our Navy Blue Paint look in this image exquisitely styled by Ruth Welsby & photographed by Gemmola

Photography & Styling by Regan Baroni | Up Close & Tasty

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Popsicles

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Popsicles with Maple Syrup and Greek Yogurt Photography & Styling by Regan Baroni Up Close & Tasty

Strawberry Ice Cream Paint

One of my very favorite colors.and my absolute favorite ice cream too- mint chocolate chip. Love this picture, such an interesting photo!

The Best Street Style Looks From London Fashion Week | Grazia Fashion

Inspiration: Styling Outerwear

pinterest // aamygaunt ❁

Food Rings Ideas & Inspirations 2017 - DISCOVER raspberry chia pudding Discovred by : Vanessa Pouzet

Scent pairs well with Studio Secrets as the story of the scent is an old house converted into a studio. An old wood floor, old books and papers layered's a warm and inspiring scent.