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Francesca Molfese

Francesca Molfese
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Hate these but has to

My crush already asked me out lol. Don't repost and all will come true. Repost and all will come true. I hate these posts.

This probably won't work but I just gave it a try for fun. Yolo jk !

Find the old lady lick you're lips five times close you're eyes and make a wish share this photo and in the next two days it will happen :)

These things are so stupid

I just pinned this cause of the fun eye tests and to just state, don't believe in all the tests and stuff that these type of pins make up, if you believe hard enough then you can make your wishes come true on your own.

I hope it works

Ok I DO know this is chain-mail AND it's fake but I did it AS I read it so whatever might as well repost