Alinea Intro.

Introducing Katalin von Walterskirchen as the cellist Filmed and Edited by Christian Seel Technical Advisor: Gary Adcock Alinea Restaurant 2013

Blini - Recipe - ChefSteps

The ultimate elegant appetizer recipe: blini topped with beet fluid gel, crème fraîche, and salmon caviar.

The Perfect Scramble on Vimeo

The Perfect Scramble. To learn more, read the full story at Tasting Table: For our latest installment of the TT Culinary Institute, we're perfecting our scrambled eggs technique. Watch and learn.

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted on Vimeo - slow motion

Breakfast Interrupted by Bruton Stroube Studios. One of our most recent shoots, titled Breakfast Interrupted, is now live for your viewing pleasure. Shot primarily with the Phantom HD Gold at