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Build This Amazing Bottle Case!
a wooden shelf filled with lots of rocks
Printers tray for rock collection display!
a brown and white dog laying on top of a green couch in a living room
80 Incredible Room Dividers and Separators With Selves Ideas 72 -
Metamorphosable Coffee Table in Dining Table and Vice-Versa
Metamorphosable Coffee Table in Dining Table and Vice-Versa. With the transformable table White bolt, functionality and aesthetics move in the same direction
an image of a kitchen with food on the wall and in the middle of it
10 Neutral-Palette Kitchen Designs with Open Shelving that Works As Storage Also Décor
a living room with a couch, table and lamp in it's centerpiece
Modern Furniture: What to look for and how to buy – My Life Spot
a bathroom with tiled walls and flooring has plants on the counter, as well as a sink
Yandoit Cabin by Adam Kane Architects - Sustainable Cabin Architecture - The Local Project
Adam Kane Architects designed Yandoit Cabin as an eco-home for an artist to live and work within the surrounding gumtrees. Situated in north-west of Melbourne, the house is tucked into the bushland and carefully composed of a series of grids. Yandoit Cabin locks these together with low-maintenance materials to create a form that works with the surrounding environment. Crucial to the build were self-sustainable factors allowing for off-grid living and minimal impact on the site.
a wooden shelf with books on it and a white hat sitting on top of it
Erro de Banco de Bados
Circular book shelf
three wooden shelves on the wall with plants and other items in them, one is empty
Rustic Decoration #rusticDecorGuideDIY
there is a white lamp in the middle of this room with stairs leading up to it
Pared diferente
several different types of raised garden beds in various stages of being built and placed on top of each other
15 Beautiful Do-It-Yourself Pallet Gardens That You’re Sure To Love
Rustic and textured effect has been all conceptually used out in this pallet raised garden design. Thus, this image shows you out with the wonderful coverage of the pallet raised garden creation that would force you to make this project as part of your house garden areas as the source of beauty.
a white towel sitting on top of a bathroom floor next to a bowl with soap
Lancement de la collection French Quarter par Mosaïque Surface - Journal du Design
Lancement de la collection French Quarter par Mosaïque Surface - Journal du Design
a white gate in front of a house
Beautiful automatic driveway gate.