Laszlo Nagy
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Paper Plate Frog Mask Craft

Make a curly tongued, fly catching Paper Plate Frog Mask, perfect for Spring and Summer play activities.

Captain Worf

Michael Dorn is in talks to promote a pilot for his proposed new Star Trek TV Series "Captain Worf.

Everybody probably knows that Scotty is Kirk’s right hand engineer, and the Starfleet captain would have been up the creek many times if it were not for the capable Chief Engineer. But how bad could Kirk’s day go if Scotty was having a bad day? Here is a commercial circa the 90′s that takes a look at just such a scenario. It’s a hoot.

William Shatner (Kirk) and James Doohan (Scotty) played in this funny little commercial for a British power company in the early Scotty flying paper airplanes made my day.