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The Funniest Superhero Comics Collection (Part 1)

British slang

Keep it fancy

Funny pictures about You sound like you're from London. Oh, and cool pics about You sound like you're from London. Also, You sound like you're from London.

Why am I laughing so much

Wat lady meme turned into different memes. wat-old-lady-meme-compilation Source by

Makes me feel pretty

shonilane: “thatchris: “ playful-nites: “ Things that make me giggle ” Clark deserves to feel pretty.

so true

If I died…

If I Died And Went Straight To Hell It Would Take Me A Week To Realize. Some days I feel like this. Today is one of them. – Bilderparade CDXII - Bild 04

In the case of an emergency, doing the right thing or having the right skill could make the difference between life and death, it can save your life or someone else's life. We have compiled a collection of some of the most crucial information and skills y

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