My Zazzle products

Links to my prints and stores. Feel free to visit me, you can find cute designs, beautiful fractals and celebrity portraits here.
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Orange Indian Cress Christmas Ornament. Motif taken from a vintage postcard
Blue Metallic Elegance with Monogram Incipio Feather Shine iPhone 6 Case with brushed aluminum finish
Duesenberg (Duesy) Model J Classic Car Wristwatches
Duesenberg (Duesy) Model J Classic Car Ornament
Black and White Damask throw pillow - variable bottom color
Green Iguana Mugs
Vinyl Junkie - And Proud of It T-shirts
Curious Siamese Kitten Scarves
Curious Siamese Kitten Minx ® Nail Art. Smiling, blue-eyed fluffy siamese cat with blue background.
Shining Leaves Fractal Art Tough iPhone 6 Case